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We are honored and blessed to have you visit our online store!  Welcome fellow spiritualists or those that can appreciate the awesome power of nature. 

March 8, 2021
This will most likely be the last entry into this part of our website.  It has been almost 2 MONTHS since my last update.  We are always hard at work getting new product and setup along with taking pics of everything. 

Our book, tarot and oracle sections have pretty much doubled in size and just keep growing.  We are trying to bring in a wide range of products to suit any potential customers.  If there is a topic or book that you are looking for that is not found on our website then please let us know by firing us an email to: info@thebatwitchcavern.com

We haven't done a lot of new product development in the past few months but we will have a lot of that coming up soon.  

January 14, 2021
We have officially finished adding all the herbs with pictures.  We have added all the new bracelets with pictures.  We have finished adding our first batches of cold process soaps to our line-up.  The next month or so we will be finishing up our category reorganization and working on finishing all the descriptions of our products.  Thanks to all your support, we have grown exponentially over the past few months and there are no plans to stop.  We have a few product lines that we will be bringing in over the next few months that will excite our customer base.  :)  Thanks everyone! 

January 1, 2021
Happy New Years!  And wow, it has been a while since I last updated this page for all our visitors.  Holiday's were a busy one with lots of things happening which took us a bit away from the business.  We had an AMAZING Boxing Week sale with the support of all our loyal customers.  

We have over 70 new herbs starting to be added to the website!  It is a LONG process of receiving them, breaking them down, packaging up, taking pictures and updating the website but you guys are worth it.  This will give us more herbs then ANY other metaphysical retailer in Canada that we know of.  

Our first batches of Cold Process Soaps are not cured and ready to be listed on the website.  We will staging some pictures and hopefully have them online within the next week.  

I was hoping to have some of our Magick Tea available by now but this has been put on a bit of a backburner because of all the other changes.  Most likely they will start to appear in mid-February.

Finally, we have over 100 different new styles of bracelets coming in at some point next week!  Bracelets are a great way of keeping your semi precious stones close to your skin for the greatest effect.  I think it is important that our customers can find one that really calls out to them.  How better then improving our selection?  

December 9, 2020
We are still busy, busy, busy receiving new products.  5 more tumbled stones added.  Restock of a lot of our regular products that were available from our suppliers.  We have added over 10 new books and some tarot/oracle decks.  We have made 2 more batches of different cold process soaps that will be ready the first week of January.  We have made a few new Soy Magick candles that have been added to the site and are now available for purchase with more coming soon once we figure out which essential oil blends we would like.  We are awaiting a shipment of herbs to start production of our Magick Tea line of products.  Apricot Carrier oil has been added to our selection.


December 2, 2020
We had an amazing Black Friday weekend with the support of all our customers and we are busy, busy, busy this week!  Today we have added over 45 new tumbled stone varieties. We are also VERY excited to announce that we have released the first 4 of our misters for sale.  Our first batch of cold process soaps will be available nearer to the end of the month with other batches becoming available once they have finished curing.  We have oodles of new shipments arriving all the time! 


November 26th, 2020
We are busy getting ready for our Black Friday special which starts tonight at 11:59PM.  While it isn't an overly extensive sale, it does mark our FIRST sale ever so we are excited!  In the past week we have setup over 300 new products and we still have a massive shipment of new product coming in tomorrow.  There are over 30 new stone wands incoming along with an expansion to our tumbled stone selection of over 45 new varieties!  

We have labels being made for our misting sprays which have already been developed, manufactured and packaged.  Hopefully we will see the labels start to flow in from the printers at some point next week.  

We have all our supplies for our initial Cold Process soaps that need to be made and we should be making a few of them this weekend.  They will have to cure for 30 days before we can sell them but we are very excited for them! 

We have a few tea products that are just being developed and should have the labels off to the printers in about a weeks time.  

Busy, busy, busy!  A Witches work is never done!


November 18th, 2020

We have been busy every single day receiving product shipments, taking pictures and uploading to the website for everyone to see.  We seem to have multiple shipments from our suppliers coming in pretty much daily.  Today we have added over 100 new products for you!

As far as product development goes, we just received a LARGE shipment of essential oils, candle wax and palm/coconut oils.  Which means we will be manufacturing some cold process soaps, candles and misting sprays and more in the near future.  We have a LOT of new designs for mugs but with COVID-19, we are having problems getting the blank mugs to make them them out of the warehouse in Mississauga so those are on hold right now.  Leather carvings will be featured on here at some point in December.

We received our shipment of Carrier oils and our restock of essential oils which means Carrier oils are now available to you along with every essential oil we carry!  

Incense sticks are SLOWLY coming into stock.  The beginning of COVID-19 really killed our suppliers stock of them so they are sending out the missing scents on a regular basis to us.  


November 6th, 2020

Today is the day that the password on our website comes off and we open our doors to our friends.  We have been working tirelessly for the past while bringing in exciting products and taking pictures of everything we have to offer.  We are VERY proud of our tumbled rock and herb selections which were time consuming to say the least.   

We have one of the largest selections of herbs and tumbled rocks pretty much anywhere and it just keeps growing as more product comes in.  Don't see one you really, really want?  Let us know by sending us an email and we will see what we can do about bringing it in.

We have teamed up with New Directions in Canada to provide a full selection of pre-packaged essential oils in 15ml bottles complete with dripper insert for your convenience.  This product selection will keep increasing also as time goes on.

Wicca is one of the fastest growing religions in North America and during the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people have turned to nature as their guide.  Because of this, there are a lot of products we have on order with suppliers which are currently out of stock.  This creates a bit of a challenge for us as we want to provide a lot of variety but we have to await inventory to come in.  If you see a section that is a bit spotty of product, this may be the reasoning for it.  

We will be making a lot of products ourselves for our website which includes Magick teas, Magick oils, leather carvings, artwork, cold process soaps, cookie cutter molds and more.  These items take time to prepare when working with intent so it will be rolled out and showcased on our website during the next 6 months. 

It is a VERY exciting time for us and we are glad to be able to share it with you! 


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