So You Got A Pendulum .... Now What?

What is a Pendulum?

A pendulum is usually a crystal, metal or piece of wood that is attached to some kind of line (rope, chain, etc), so that it can freely swing from your hand. It is used as a form of divination. When you are seeking answers to important questions in your life, trying to settle an argument or just trying to understand something about a topic you have been looking into, a pendulum can get you those answers. The idea is that you are reaching for these answers from your higher self in the depths of your subconscious, while still conscious. When you hold the pendulum your energy transfers down through the line and sways the direction of the swing to give you the answer you seek.

How do you prepare a pendulum before use?

When you first get your pendulum, it will have energies absorbed from anyone who has ever had contact with it in the past. It will also not be attuned to your specific energy, so how do you change that?

The first step is to give it a good energy cleanse. This can be done by:
1) smoke cleansing - Sage, Palo Santo and Sweetgrass herbs or incense are the more popular choices. Light the herb or incense and focus on your intention to cleanse the energies of the pendulum, while passing it through the smoke.
2) Selenite - Selenite is a popular self cleansing crystal that also cleanses the energies of other crystals. Place your new pendulum in a pouch or container with the selenite and leave it for a day or so.
3) Sea Salt - Keep in mind that some crystals and metals can be damaged by salt! I also wouldn't recommend it for wooden pendulums. For the ones that are safe, leave them in a bowl, surrounded by salt for a day or so.
4) Sunlight - Some crystals will lose their color in the sun! For any that are safe, a few hours in indirect sunlight can cleanse them.
5) Moonlight - Most people use the full moon and place their pendulum on a windowsill for the night. I have heard of using other moon cycles for particular magick though.
6) Self Cleansing - Some people use visualization and intent to cleanse their crystals. Hold the pendulum in your hands and visualize white cleansing energy coming from you and washing over and through the pendulum until you feel a shift in the pendulums energy.
7) Sound Cleansing - I personally love this one. You can sing to your pendulum, use a bell, singing bowl, or music in general to heighten the vibrations of your pendulum and cleanse both your energy as well as them pendulums.

The next step is to attune the pendulum to yourself. Carry it close to you for a day or two, or sleep with it under your pillow. Let it get used to your energy before going any further.

Now you are ready to get started!

Sit down in a quiet space. You don't need to play music or have incense or candles, but you can if it helps you! Hold the pendulum in your hand and take some deep breaths and focus on the pendulum in your hand. Keep this up until you feel more grounded and mentally calm. Make sure when you hold your pendulum up, that your elbow is on a hard surface. Also remember that your questions need to be able to be answered by a simple yes or no, unless you have a pendulum mat with more details and more experience reading them. Now you can either use a pendulum mat, or establish your yes and no questions. Whether you have the mat or not, I recommend asking a couple of yes and no questions that you know the answer to first, so you can be confident in your connection. Questions like "Is my name .....?", or "Is my eye colour.....?" Once you are confident in your answers, it is time to ask your other questions! Have fun!

Until Next Time,
The Bat Witch


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