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HerbsHoliday: Mabon

Herb - Rue - 1 oz

Folk Names: Bashoush (Coptic), Garden Rue, German Rue, Herb of Grace, Herbygrass,Hreow, Mother of the Herbs, Rewe, Ruta Gender: Masculine Planet: Mars Element: Fire Deities: Diana, Aradia Powers: Healing, Health, Clarity,...
HerbsHoliday: Samhain

Herb - Blessed Thistle - 1 oz

Folk Name: Holy Thistle Gender: Masculine Planet: Mars Element: Fire Powers: Purification, Hex-Breaking Magical Uses: Wear the holy thistle to protect yourself from evil, and add to purificatory baths. Holy thistle...
HerbsHoliday: Yule

Herb - Galangal - 1 oz

Folk Names: Chewing John, China Root, Colic Root, East India Catarrh Root, Galingal, Galingale, Gargaut, India Root, Kaempferia Galanga, Low John the Conqueror, Rhizoma Galangae Gender: Masculine Planet: Mars Element:...
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Herb - Astragalus - 1 oz

Folk Names: Huang qi, Yellow Leader Gender: Masculine Planet: Sun Element: Fire Powers: Healing, Hex Breaking, Protection, Purification, Energy. Magical Uses: Use Astragalus Root in magic spells and incense for concentration and to focus...
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Herb - Wintergreen - 1 oz

Gender: Feminine Planet: Moon Element: Water Chakra Colour: Green Medicinal Uses: Wintergreen and its oil have been used in topical analgesic preparations for the treatment of back pain, rheumatism, fever, headaches, and sore throats. The...