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Herb - Devil's Claw Root - 1 oz

Folk Names: Devil Claw, Demon Claw Gender: Masculine Planet: Mars Element: Fire Powers: Protection, Banishing, Exorcism, Purification, Dispels Magical Uses: Use in a mojo or witch bag for protection.  Place some above front door to discourage...
Holiday: SamhainNew Products!

Smoke Cleansing - Mountain Sage and Dragons Blood Resin 4" (3 Pack)

This smudge stick is made with Mountain Sage and then coated in Dragons Blood Resin. All products used in this are grown in the USA commercially and harvested ethically with...
Animal PartsNew Products!

North American Porcupine Quills 20PK (Various Sizes)

Ethically sourced by TheBatWitchCavern personally, these quills are sorted into packs of 20. There are three different size options available from; thick (Not flexible), Medium (Semi-flexible) and Fine (Whisker Width). ...