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Hanging Bells - Triple Moon Goddess with Pentacle

A polished triple moon and pentacle hang from a chain adorned with colorful beads. From the triple moon hang three polished brass bells whose chains have also been adorned with...

Bamboo Windchime - Moon and Goddess - 37" Long

Wooden crescent moons and goddesses designed with white swirls hang from this natural bamboo chime. Strung on top of the base is a large eye catching crescent moon. The chime...
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Dreamcatcher - Triple Moon Black - 20.5" x 9.75"

A beautiful black woven triple moon dream catcher adorned with a double row of white feathers will undoubtedly catch anyone’s eye. This unique piece will add meaning and inspiration to...
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Brass Windchime with Hanging Bells and Pentacle/Moon

This Pentacle and Moon chime is made from polished brass with beautiful purple bead accents. From the 3-inch diameter pentacle hang three bells, that when blown, make a mystically enchanting...
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Bamboo Windchime - Lotus & Namaste

The lovely image of a Lotus Flower has been painted in a creative red antique fashion and hangs above a wooden Namaste. Beaded chimes, made of bamboo, hang in ascending...
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Agate Wind Chimes - Small

Beautiful garden windchimes made from real agate in Brazil enhance the sounds of nature with their light tinkling. They come in an assortment of natural, treated and dyed colours that...
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Dreamcatcher - Hand of Fatima - 13" Diameter

This Indonesian crafted Hand of Fatima or Hamsa dream catcher is a magnificent royal blue, made with a mix fabrics and feathers for a unique blending of traditions. The design...
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Moon Phases Hanging Wooden Mobile with Mirrors (27" Long)

This beautiful hanging mobile represents five different moon phases from waning, to full, to waxing crescent made with different size circles. Each moon figure has been made with wood and...

Gothic Bat Decorative Wind Chime

Add your own unique style to any room, home or garden with these Alchemy designed hanging decorations/ wind chimes. Approximate Size:  33" x 7" x 1"
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Bamboo Windchime - Owl - White Washed

The base of this exotic Wind Chime features a beautiful hand carved owl with white washed finish. Both the clapper and chimes are made from bamboo, together they produce a...
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Dreamcatcher - Star in the Moon- 6.5" Diameter

This magnificent Star in the Moon dream catcher has been cleverly wrapped with white faux suede lining to form the shape of a crescent moon, from which hangs a second...
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Dreamcatcher - Small Yin Yang - 2.5" Diameter

Feel and enjoy balance with our Yin Yang Dream catcher. Adorned with many beautiful white feathers attached to beaded strands this outstanding dream catcher is surely bound to inspire personal...
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Dreamcatcher - Tree Spirit White - 6.5" Diameter

This stunning Tree Spirit dream catcher is crafted with white faux suede and aqua beads. The long strands of faux suede with beads add appeal to this beautiful piece.  SYMBOL: Woven...

Dreamcatcher - Peace and Chakras - 6" Diameter

Our Peace Chakras Dream catcher is made of faux suede wrapped in alternating bands of chakra colors to form the central Peace sign and the rim. Strands with natural feathers...
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Dreamcatcher - Wooven Yin Yang - 8" Diameter

The center of this delightful black and white Dream catcher has been woven into the symbol of the Yin Yang. Matching beads and feathers hang from the rim. Hang this...
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Hanging Bells - Triple Bells with Evil Eye Charms

From a polished brass pentacle hang three brass bells attached with chains. Each chain has a decorative and protective blue evil eye bead. The pentacle also hangs from a chain...