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HerbsHoliday: Imbolc

Herb - Camomile Flower (German) - 1 oz

Folk Names: Camomyle, Chamaimelon, Ground Apple, Heermannchen (German), Manzanilla (Spanish), Maythen, Whig Plant Gender: Masculine Planet: Sun Element: Water Powers: Money, Sleep, Love, Purification Magical Uses: Chamomile is used to...
Crystals/StonesHoliday: Beltane

Emerald Tumbled Stone

Energy: Receptive Planet: Venus Element: Earth Deities: Isis, Venus, Ceres, Vishnu Associated Metals: Copper, Silver Powers: Love, Money, Mental Powers, Psychism, Protection, Exorcism, Eyesight Magical/Ritual Lore: The emerald, with its...
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Opalite Tumbled Stone

Energies: Projective, Receptive Planets: all planets Elements: all elements Deity: Cupid Associated Herb: Bay Powers: Astral Projection, Psychism, Beauty, Money, Luck, Power Magical/Ritual Lore: To many, the opal is a...
Crystals/StonesHoliday: Lughnasadh

Aventurine Tumbled Stone

Energy: Projective Planet: Mercury Element: Air Powers: Mental Powers, Eyesight, Gambling, Money, Peace, Healing, Luck Magical Uses: Green aventurine is worn to strengthen the eyesight. It is also worn, carried...
HerbsHoliday: Beltane

Herb - Jasmine - 1 oz

Folk Names: Jessamin, Moonlight on the Grove, Peot's Jessamine, Anbar, Yasmin Gender: Feminine Planet: Moon Element: Water Deity: Vishnu Powers: Love, Money, Prophetic Dreams Magical Uses: Dried jasmine flowers are...
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Black Tourmaline Tumbled Stone

Energy: Receptive, Planet: Saturn, Element: Earth Powers: Love, Friendship, Money, Business, Health, Peace, Energy, Courage, Astral Projection Magical Uses: Usually too brittle for jewelry, black tourmaline is seldom commercially available....
HerbsHoliday: Litha

Herb - Vervain - 1 oz

Folk Names: Brittanica, Enchanter's Plant, Herba Sacra, Herb of Enchantment, Herb of Grace, Herb of the Cross, Holy Herb, Juno's Tears, Pigeon's Grass, Pigeonwood, Simpler's Joy, Van-Van, Verbena, Vervan Gender:...
Crystals/StonesHoliday: Yule

Cats Eye Tumbled Stone

Energy: Projective Planet: Venus Element: Earth Powers: Wealth, Beauty, Gambling, Protection, Healing Magical Uses: Cat's-eye is a name applied to several different stones, usually a quartz containing olive-green asbestos. The...
HerbsHoliday: Samhain

Herb - Mandrake Root - 1 oz

Folk Names: Alraun, Anthropomorphon, Baaras, Brain Thief, Circeium, Circoea, Galgenmannchen, Gallows, Herb of Circe, Hexenmannchen (German: Witches' Mannildn), Ladykins, Mandragen, Mandragor, Mannikin, Raccoon Berry, Semihomo, Wild Lemon, Womandrake, Zauberwurzel (German:...
HerbsHoliday: Beltane

Herb - Oak White Bark - 1 oz

Folk Names: White Oak, Duir, Jove's Nuts, Juglans (Latin) Gender: Masculine Planet: Sun Element: Fire Deities: Dagda, Dianus, Jupiter, Thor, Zeus, Heme, Janus, Rhea, Cybele, Hecate, Pan, Erato Powers: Protection,...
Crystals/StonesHoliday: Ostara

Turquoise Africaine Tumbled Stone

Folk Names: Fayruz (Arabic, "Lucky Stone"), Turkey Stone, Turkish Stone, Thyites (ancient Greek), Venus Stone, Horseman's Talisman Energy: Receptive Planets: Venus, Neptune Element: Earth Deities: Hathor, Buddha, The Great Spirit...
Crystals/StonesHoliday: Ostara

Nephrite/Jade Tumbled Stone

Folk Name: Piedra de Hijada (Spanish, "Stone of the Flank") Energy: Receptive Planet: Venus Element: Water Deities: Kwan Yin, Maat, Buddha Powers: Love, Healing, Longevity, Wisdom, Protection, Gardening, Prosperity, Money...
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Herb - Barberry Root Bark - 1 oz

Folk Names: California Barberry, Oregon Grape Root, Rocky Mountain Grape, Trailing Grape, Wild Oregon Grape Gender: Feminine Planet: Earth Powers: Money, Popularity Magical Uses: Carry this root to draw money...
Crystals/StonesHoliday: Imbolc

Pink Mangano Calcite Tumbled Stone

Folk Name: Iceland Spar Energy: Receptive Planet: Venus Element: Water Powers: Spirituality, Centering, Peace, Love, Healing, Purification, Money, Protection, Energy Magical Uses: Calcite, a transparent crystal, is found in a wide variety of...
HerbsHoliday: Samhain

Herb - Patchouli Leaf - 1 oz

Folk Names: Pucha-Pot, Kablin Gender: Feminine Planet: Saturn Element: Earth Powers: Money, Fertility, Lust Magical Uses: Patchouly smells like rich earth, and so has been used in money and prosperity...
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Herb - Cats Claw Bark - 1 oz

Folk Names: Uña de Gato "life-giving vine of Peru" Gender: Masculine Planet: Jupiter Element: Fire Powers: Attraction, Money, Protection, Vision Quests Magical Uses: Cat's claw bark is good for adding to incense blends to increase psychic powers,...