About us

First off, let us thank you for first off visiting our page and also for caring to know more about us!  

When we first got into Metaphysical products, we realized that there are some good retail stores in and around Barrie, Ontario, Canada but what they really lacked was proper ability to place online orders.  We decided to change all that which is how "The Bat Witch Cavern" was born.  

Products wise, we like to carry products that would suit everyone's needs.  We try to source products locally whenever possible.  We are also creative people that are very hands on so a number of products such as leather working, coffee mugs, select tumbled rocks, spa products, magick oils and others are produced by us in our home.       

When it comes to our lives outside of work, you can usually find us visiting with the Goddess in nature.  In the summer we camp, hike, backpack, kayak, mountain bike and scuba dive.  In the winter we like to ski, snow shoe, hike and ok, perhaps some hibernating too. :)

You may be asking "What do these people honestly know about running an online business or retailing of products?" and the answer to this may be surprising.  We have been running a very successful retro video game store in Barrie called "Power Up Gaming" since 2012!  We have always had an online store front in addition to a "brick and mortar" retail store located in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.    

2021 Picture Fall in Algonquin Park
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