What is Imbolc and How Do You Celebrate?

Imbolc is on February 1st-2nd and is the celebration of the upcoming return of Spring and renewal of life. Time to clear out the old and make room for the new, both physically and mentally. Although there is still snow on the ground, the promise of new growth is right below the surface. It is time to set your intentions for your personal growth as well. Clean out the clutter from the previous year, cleanse your space and cleanse your mind to make room for new goals and expectations.

Imbolc traditionally celebrates the Goddess Brigid. Brigid is known as the Maiden of the Triple Goddess during the Spring season. She is the Goddess of healing, childbirth, poetry, blacksmithing, fire and hearth.

Brigid's Cross

In honor of Brigid many people will make a Brigid's Cross. They can be hung by the door or in the rafters to protect the home from evil and fire. Each year you should make a new one and burn the old one to stay protected. There are also traditions of placing the cross under your mattress to help with conception.

Brideog (Brigid's Straw Doll)

Pronounced Bree-jog, a Brideog is traditionally made by the man of the house and would be paraded from house to house to collect money for a feast in Brigid's honor. Some people still wish to walk her around the block. She can be hung on the door for good health in the home as well as for your livestock and crops. You can make her a bed and leave her offerings to show Brigid that she and her blessings are welcomed into your home.

Feast and a Fire

This was done to celebrate both fire and the return of the sun. You would gather with your loved ones and have a feast on things you can cook on the fire.

Spring Clean

This has already been mentioned, but definitely a good tradition for the new year. Clean out your clutter, maybe donate what you no longer need. Make room for new goals and growth. There are also ways that you can make this process into a proper ritual. Set your intentions and sweep out the energy that may be holding you back!

Nature Walk

Plan a hike to a local river or stream (preferably where the water is fresh and clean). Traditionally this would be holy water in order to cleanse and purify and wishes of fertility. Splash some of the water over you and enjoy a cleansing start to the year.

An Imbolc Candle Ritual

There are a number of different ideas that you can find for this online. Since Imbolc is all about welcoming back the sun, this is a great way to set your intentions for this.

A Cleansing Ritual Bath

For those who enjoy a good soak, there are many different cleansing bath rituals that would make a great tradition for a fresh start, as well as some much deserved self care. Add some herbs or oils to help with your intentions.


If you are celebrating with a fire anyway, why not take a closer look into the flames and see what hidden messages may come to you?

Burn Paper Snowflakes

A fun thing you can do with the kids! Make paper snowflakes and then burn them in your fire while imagining the land thawing and the warm sun on your skin.


This is something that I personally enjoy doing throughout the year anyway, but what better way to focus on your growth then to write out your goals and intentions for the year.

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