Baltic Amber Nuggets


Size: 2grams to 5grams
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Powers: Peace, Clarity, Cleansing, Confidence, Luck, Healing, Wisdom, Balance, Divination, Strength, Protection.

These magnificent little stones have a fascinating history spanning thousands to only a few years, ranging from jewellery to movie franchises centred on the stone. They are the perfect size for smaller areas such as your desk, nightstand, or a possible piece to make jewelry from.

Looking for a versatile, beautiful and sustainable piece for your collection? Look no further than amber! Made from the fossilized resin of ancient trees, amber is a natural gemstone that exudes a captivating hue. Not only is amber a gorgeous addition to your collection, it’s also eco-friendly and durable.

Have you ever seen jewelry with a glowing yellow orange-coloured stone that usually has an insect preserved inside it? If yes, then you may be aware that this magnificent stone’s name is Amber. Amber is a pale yellow-orange mineral that is often called the ‘golden gem of the Stone Age’ and is one of the most popular gems because it’s beautiful and has a pleasant, earthy fragrance. As an organic gemstone. We cherish amber not just because of its stunning beauty but also because it has an exciting history.

Amber is the world’s second-oldest gemstone. Its use in jewellery dates back as far as 6,000 BC - though pieces from as early as 45,000 BC have also been found. It was often used to adorn royalty and its rare beauty has ensured that it remains popular today. Because of the ancient bugs imprisoned within the resin, the “Jurassic Park” film franchise has grown substantially in popularity. Some pieces do include little bugs! It’s uncommon, but if you look closely, you’ll notice.

* You are purchasing a single tumbled stone hand picked by our family of Witchy spiritualists.

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