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Energy: Receptive

Planet: Moon

Element: Water

Deities: Diana, Selene, Isis, all lunar goddesses

Associated Stone: Quartz Crystal 

Associated Metal: Silver

Powers: Love, Divination, Psychism, Sleep, Gardening, Protection, Youth, Dieting

Magical/Ritual Lore: The moonstone, a blue, white or pink opalescent feldspar, is intimately connected with the Moon in magical lore. So much so, in fact, that many use it in accordance with the lunar phases. Some say it is more magically potent during the waxing Moon and less so during the waning. However, others use this stone during the Moon's apparent lessening for divinatory rituals, such as the one described below.

Moonstone has long been dedicated to Moon goddesses. Wiccan ritual jewelry is often fashioned of silver and moonstones. A lunar wand can be constructed of silver tubing topped with a large moonstone. It is used for magical ritual.

Magical Uses: This stone is receptive and love-drawing. Wear or carry a moonstone to bring a love into your life. On the night of the Full Moon and by its light, ring a pink candle with moonstone cabochons. Light the candle and visualize yourself in a loving relationship.

The moonstone is also prized for its ability to work out problems between lovers, especially those who have bitterly fought. Hold a moonstone, empower it with loving vibrations, and give it to your troubled mate. Best of all, share this ritual with him or her by exchanging stones.

Because of its associations with the Moon, the bringer of sleep, the stone is often placed beneath the pillow, or moonstone beads worn to bed in order to ensure restful sleep.

Like malachite and jade, the moonstone is associated with gardening. Wear during planting or watering or bury a small moonstone while visualizing your garden bursting with fertility. To entice a tree into abundant fruiting, tie or attach a moonstone to one of the tree's limbs.

The moonstone is also gently protective. Because the Moon seems to travel through the zodiac, its stone is a traveler's protective charm. Carry or wear when away from home, especially during travel over or on the water. This is a perfect gift for avocational or vocational sailors and friends leaving on cruises. Empower the stone with protective energies before presenting it. Moonstone rings can be worn while swimming for protection in the water. 

An old ritual to determine future events can be performed at least three days after the Full Moon. Hold a moonstone in your hands while visualizing a possible future course of action, such as selling a house or accepting a new job.

Then place the moonstone beneath your tongue and continue visualizing. After a few moments, remove the stone and end your conscious effort to retain the image. If it remains or if your thoughts continue to revolve around the possible act, it is a favorable one. If your mind turns to other matters it's better to take a different route.

If in doubt perform this rite once again.

Moonstone beads or pendants are worn during divinatory acts and produce psychism in general. Psychics keep moonstones with their tarot cards or rune stones to heighten their ability to use such tools. A quartz crystal sphere is also encircled with moonstones prior to scrying.

This stone is worn or used in rituals designed to renew or maintain a youthful appearance and attitude (which can be more convincing than outward looks).

If you're trying to lose weight, perhaps moonstones can help. Don't diet-reprogram your eating habits. Eat light meals at regular intervals, avoid sugar and fats, consume less red meat, load up on raw or steamed vegetables and fresh fruits-and wear a charged moonstone.

Three nights after the Full Moon, stand nude before a full-length mirror in bright light. Study your body closely, using another mirror if necessary. To successfully perform this magic, you must know yourself, accept your faults, and then allow yourself to change.

Be brutal with your visual self-analysis. See the areas you wish to reduce on your body. Visualize a new you-slimmer, in control of your food intake, fully alive.

Then, hold a moonstone in your projective hand while continuing to visualize the body and discipline you wish to have.

Rub the moonstone over the problem areas of your body, over the excess amounts of fat, visualizing them melting away. Draw it across your head to help control your urges to eat unhealthy and fattening foods.

Finally, wear or carry the stone with you at all times. When you feel the urge to eat cheesecake, take the stone in your receptive hand, breathe deeply for ten seconds, push the image of the food from your mind-and then grab a juicy peach or crunchy carrot stick.

* You are purchasing a single tumbled stone hand picked by our family of Witchy spiritualists.

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