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Folk Names: Heliotrope, Hematite (which is a different stone)

Energy: Projective

Planet: Mars

Element: Fire

Powers: Halting Bleeding, Healing, Victory, Courage, Wealth, Strength, Power, Legal Matters, Business, Invisibility, Agriculture

Magical Uses:
Because of its associations with blood, it is a popular stone with athletes. They wear it to increase physical strength and to win competitions. It is also worn to lengthen the life span.
The bloodstone which is worn lends courage, calms fears and eliminates anger. It has long been used in spells designed to secure victory in court and legal matters.
Because it is green, it is utilized in wealth, money and business spells. A bloodstone kept in the cash register draws money. Carried in the pocket or purse, or worn, it also attracts wealth. In this regard, since food and money are magically connected, it was a farmer's talisman in the Middle Ages, worn during planting to increase the yield of crops.
Women hung a bloodstone on the arm to prevent miscarriage and, later, on the thigh to ease childbirth.
For invisibility, the bloodstone was smeared with fresh heliotrope flowers and worn or carried. This was said to dazzle the eyes of the bearer's beholders. Today this ritual may be used for 'magical invisibility'-when you wish to lay low and not attract attention to
In the 13th century, bloodstones were engraved with the figure of a bat. These talismans were worn by magicians to increase the effectiveness of spells and magical rites.

* You are purchasing a single tumbled stone hand picked by our family of Witchy spiritualists.

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