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Folk Names: Wax Berry Bush, Wax Myrtle, Myrtle, Candle Berry Bush, Candle Berry Myrtle, Bayberry Wax Tree, American Vegetable Tallow Tree, Tallow Shrub, Myrtle Candle Berry, American Bayberry, American Vegetable Wax, Vegetable Tallow

Gender: Masculine

Planet: Mars

Element: Fire

Powers: Sorcery, Atonement, Freeing oneself, Release, Protection and Healing

Magical Uses: Barberry, also known as holy thorn or Oregon grape, is said by a few writers to attract Wealth, but this is because they have confused it with Bayberry, a popular money-drawing herb. Actually -- because of the word "bar" in its name -- folks are more likely to lay Barberry across the path of one they hate, to bar their enemy's progress. Lay out 3 Barberry branches, or 3 lines of the cut-and-sifted herb, one 3-feet long and the other two 1-foot long. Lay the first branch or line from the person's house to the street. Place the two short branches or lines cross-wise to this, an equal distance from each other, to make a "double cross" shape. As you lay them down, say, "Now you will be barred, by Faith (first line), Hope (second line), and Charity (third line)" 

Also called as Witches Sweets, you can use any aspect of the Barberry shrub in your magickal practice. Barberry’s magickal associations include sorcery, atonement, freeing oneself, release, protection, guarding and healing of course.

The term Bar being in the name of the plant many witches use the branches of this shrub to bind their enemies, for example it’s a common practice to lay Barberry across the path of the victim to “bar” their progress. Hang the bark or a couple branches above your door to protect your home from negative energy or people. Place a couple of the leaves in sachets or spell bottles to attract money, love, protection and to repel negativity. The thorns, like all thorns, can be used in curses, hexes or any baneful magick. The bark and leaves have actual counter acting properties meaning they can reverse or counter curses or negative energy inflicted upon you or others.

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