Herb - Dead Sea Salt Coarse - 4 oz


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Energy: Receptive

Element: Earth

Deity: Aphrodite

Powers: Purification, Protection, Grounding, Money

Magical Uses: Salt is a fine grounding and cleansing material. To purify gemstones, place them in a bowl of salt and leave for a week or so (see Chapter Seven).

Add some salt to your bath water. This creates an alchemical change-you've converted a solid (the salt) into a liquid. Bathe in this mixture to create a similar change in you. Visualize your doubts, worries, illness (if any) and all negative energies which plague you as leaving your body and entering into the water, where they are neutralized.

If you prefer showers, place a small amount of rock salt and a half- The Stones / 131 handful of hyssop in a washcloth and scrub your body.

To protect a home, sprinkle empowered salt in the comers of each room, visualizing it sterilizing and burning away negativity.

Pour salt in a circle around you on the floor, visualizing the salt's energies spreading down into the earth and up above you to form a protective sphere of brilliant white light. Within this circle is a perfect environment to perform protective or defensive magic.

Tasting salt brings you firmly down to Earth. It closes off your psychic centers (if working to awaken your psychic mind, avoid salt in your diet). It is also a protective and purificatory act.

If you feel the need to focus your energies and attention, to take a "tunnel-vision" approach to life for a while, carry a bit of salt in a green bag. This is especially important for those who tend to concentrate solely on the spiritual and neglect physical necessities.

Rock salt is also added to money-attracting talismans and is used in such spells. A salt wealth spell: On your altar or a large plate, carefully pour salt to form a pentagram (five-pointed star).

Empower a green candle with money-attracting vibrations and place this, in a small holder, in the center of the pentagram. Light the candle. Next, empower money-attracting stones. Place one on each of the pentagram's points. Use stones such as: Tiger's-eye Peridot/Olivine Jade Lodestone Opal Pyrite or any of the money-attracting stones. Five of the same stones or any combination of these can be used. As you place each stone, starting at the top-most point of the pentagram, say something like: I place this stone to draw money. Let the candle flame for ten to thirteen minutes as you settle yourself before it, visualizing. Repeat each day for a week. Then place the salt in a small green bag, add the stones and any drippings from the candle, and carry with  you to continue attracting money. When you feel the spell has fully manifested, pour the salt into running water (a faucet will do if nothing else is available), bury the wax and cleanse the stones. It is done

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