Hex Breaking Spell Jar


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Each of our spell jars represent all of the five elements as well as three herbs and three crystals to represent the intention of the spell itself. Every jar is completed with a wax seal and features runes on the label for intent.

Earth - Every spell jar is started with a layer of black salt to represent the Earth element and add protection to the spell.

Spirit - Every spell jar has Palo Santo chips included to represent the Spirit element, but also to purify the other contents of the spell.

Air - Every spell jar has white feathers included to represent the Air element for the spell.

Water - Every spell jar has two mini sea shells to represent the Water element for the spell.

Fire - Every spell jar is completed with a wax seal to represent the Fire element and to keep the contents untouched for the duration of use.

Hex Breaking Spell Jar:

Porcupine Quills: Carry as a talisman of self defense and symbol of protection against harm sent your way,


Black Onyx - To protect against adversaries and psychic attacks.

Milky Quartz - To enhance focus and transmit energy.

Red Jasper - To send negative energy back to original sender. It also brings strength and courage to your healing process.


Rue - Used to shield against negative energies sent your way and improve mental clarity.

Galangal - Carried to protect the bearer, for psychic development and to bring good luck.

Agrimony - To reverse spells and return hexes to sender. As well, to banish negative energy and spirits.

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