Malachite-Azurite Tumbled Stone

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Malachite-Azurite is a combination stone featuring malachite and azurite in it.  Malachite-Azurite helps to see new perspectives in our lives and inspires light and universal knowledge. It will help eliminate stress, worry, sadness and overwork. Excellent for throat problems, all joint and muscle disorders.

Energy: Receptive

Planet: Venus

Element: Water, Earth

Powers: Psychism, Dreams, Divination, Healing, Power, Protection, Love, Peace, Business Success

Azurite Magical Uses: Azurite, a beautiful, deep blue stone, has long been utilized in magic to increase psychic powers. Place the stone beneath the pillow for prophetic dreams. Hold or wear an azurite when divining the future. A simple divinatory spell: Place a piece of azurite between two white candlesin a darkened room. Light the candles. Hold the azurite in your hand until it is warm, emptying your mind of thought. Close your eyes until you feel the azurite's soft, slow energies touching your hand. Then open your eyes and gaze at the stone until answers or messages come through. Azurite is also used in healing magic.

Malachite Magical Uses: This beautiful green stone with bands of varying hues has long been used to lend extra energy during magical rites. Wear it, hold it, or place it on your altar to increase your ability to send power toward your magical goal. Anciently, it was thought to be most effective when engraved with a rayed Sun figure. Though the stone is a tranquil green-blue, it is used in protective magic, particularly that involving children. Beads or pendants of malachite are worn to guard against negativity and physical dangers. Malachite is a traveler's guardian stone and is said to be particularly powerful in preventing falls. Wearing a malachite necklace that touches your skin near your heart expands your ability to love and, so, draws a love to you. Or, utilize the stone in love-attracting spells. Set it on a piece of copper etched with the symbol of the planet Venus, a circle with an equal-armed cross below it. Behind the stone, place a green candle and let this burn for fifteen minutes a day while you visualize yourself in a loving relationship. Its deep green color is soothing. Gazing at malachite or holding it in your receptive hand relaxes the nervous system and calms stormy emotions. Malachite promotes tranquility and ensures sleep if worn to bed. Held, it dispels depression. Small pieces of malachite placed in each corner of a business building or a small piece placed in the cash register draws customers. Worn during business meetings or trade shows, it increases your ability to obtain good deals and sales. It is the salesperson's stone. 

* You are purchasing a single tumbled stone hand picked by our family of Witchy spiritualists.

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Annie (Tracadie–Sheila, CA)
What a discovery!

It cought my eyes and I wasn’t disappointed it’s beautiful and its just awesome meaning!
Thanks for the awesome service

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