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Energies: Projective, Receptive

Planets: all planets

Elements: all elements

Deity: Cupid

Associated Herb: Bay

Powers: Astral Projection, Psychism, Beauty, Money, Luck, Power

Magical/Ritual Lore: To many, the opal is a stone of misfortune, sorrow, and bad luck. This is a modern idea, however, and is untrue. A reference by Sir Walter Scott in his novel Anne of Gierstein to the misfortune associated with an opal is the cause of this unfounded idea.

Magical Uses: The opal contains the colors as well as the qualities of every other stone. As such it can be 'programmed' or charged with virtually every type of energy and used in spells involving all magical needs. In the past opals were used to create invisibility. The gem was wrapped in a fresh bay leaf and carried for this purpose. Usually, stones (and herbs) linked with invisibility were actually used to promote astral projection, and the opal is ideal for this purpose. There isn't room in this book to describe the various techniques used to consciously separate the astral body from the physical, so consult a standard book such as Denning and Phillip's Astral Projection, published by Llewellyn Publications. Opals are worn during astral projection for protection as well as to facilitate the process. They are also used to recall past incarnations. Hold the opal in your hands and gaze at it. Move your attention from color to color within the opal until contact with the psychic mind is achieved. Once this occurs, go into the past. The stone is favored by many to develop psychic powers and is often worn in jewelry for this purpose. Earrings are ideal. Opals are also worn to bring out inner beauty. A beauty spell: Place a round mirror on the altar or behind it so that you can see your face within it while kneeling. Place two green candles on either side of the mirror. Light the candles. Empower an opal with your need for beauty-while holding the stone, gaze into your reflection. With the scalpel of your visualization, mold and form your face (and your body) to the form you desire. Then, carry or wear the opal and dedicate yourself to improving your appearance. Fire opals are often used in drawing money. They can be carried or placed beside green candles which are burned during visualization. If you own a business, place a fire opal within the building after empowering it to be a magnet, to draw customers. Black opals are prized by magicians and Wiccans as power stones. They are often worn in ritual jewelry designed to increase the amount of power aroused and released from the body during magic. And finally, due to its flashing colors and beautiful, unique appearance, the opal is a luck-bringing stone.

* You are purchasing a single tumbled stone hand picked by our family of Witchy spiritualists.

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