Tigers Eye Carved Bat


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Each bat has been exquisitely carved out of Tigers Eye. 

SYMBOL: Bat symbolizes rebirth, illusion, tenacity, and communication. Bats come into the world while hanging upside down and feet first. They don’t even let the laws of gravity pull them down.

Bats have incredible awareness and use all their senses – giving them the ability to see through illusions and adapt in life when the timing is right. With this heightened perception Bats cannot be fooled and know that things are not always as they appear.

Bats can tune into conversations and steer them in the direction of their choosing through their clever communication skills.

Bats are usually misunderstood because of their association with death, the dark, and fear, all of which are natural and necessary aspects of the cycle of life. Bats move between worlds with their ability to navigate through the dark (unknown), bring rebirth from death (transformation), and the release fears that stifle growth. Bat asks you to have confidence and trust your senses.

By trusting your inner truth you’ll be able to pick up on hidden frequencies and make smooth transitions through life.

Approximately 80mmx25mm

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