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As owners of the Bat Witch Cavern, a lot of people don't know that this isn't our first business that we have owned.  We also own and operate Power Up Gaming which we started in August of 2012. It is also our pickup location for all of our customers local to Barrie, Ontario!  As a final note of reference, all orders that ship out to our customers are brought over to the store after hours and shipped out using the supplies and facilities setup there.


Power Up Gaming is one of the largest independent retro video video game stores in Canada.  We carry retro video games, consoles and accessories from pretty much every era of gaming every made from really really old to the latest and greatest.  If you grew up with a console, we probably have it.  Our retail store and warehouse has over $1,000,000 worth of inventory in it!  

This business is always an awesome place to visit because of the nostalgia we offer our customers.  It is like a walk through time for anyone that grew up playing video games.  We have families that come in and the parents can spend hours talking to their children about games they played when they were young.  Then they find out that they can take home a piece of their past and play it with their children on their new big screen TV!  

Everything that is sold through our store comes complete with warranty and the quality is absolutely unmatched.  Just like the products we sell at the Bat Witch Cavern, we won't sell anything that we don't have 100% trust in.  Everything we sell are also things we can be 100% proud to own ourselves.  

If you are ever in the market for a blast from the past, give Power Up Gaming a visit.  Here are the details!

Power Up Gaming
490 Mapleview Drive West, Unit 5
Barrie, Ontario, L4N 8C3
Tel: (705) 503-4263

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